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 Pashto Computer Terminology (GGG)

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shah khan
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PostSubject: Pashto Computer Terminology (GGG)   Tue Jan 26, 2010 2:46 am

gallery انځورغالى
game لوبه
Gap واټن
gateway ورلار
general ټوليز
gather راغونډول
gathering راغونډون
GB ګ ب
genre نوږ
Get New Headers د نويو سريو راخيستنه
gigabyte ګېګابايټ
global سراسر
glossary وييزېرمه
go ورتګ
Go ورځئ!
Go Back شاتلون
Go to ته تګ
Goto ورتګ
Go to Folder پوښي ته تګ
gradient پړاويز پرمختګ
grammar پښويه
Graph كښنه
graphic كښنيز
graphic filter كښنيز چاڼى
graphics كښنيزونه
graphics adapter كښنيز اړوونى
grayed command نيمكړې بولۍ
greater-than sign تر-لوى نښه
Green زرغون
greeting نمانځنه
grid ځاليز
gridlines ځالليكې
group ډله
group box ډله بكس
Group By په ډلول
group item ډله توك
group level ډله كچه
grouping ډلونګ
guest مېلمه
guest account مېلمه ګڼون
GUID لارښود
guideline ښودليكه
guides لارښودي
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Pashto Computer Terminology (GGG)
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