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 Pashto Computer Terminology (WWW)

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shah khan
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PostSubject: Pashto Computer Terminology (WWW)   Tue Jan 26, 2010 3:12 am

Wait ځار
wallet هميانۍ
wallpaper دېوالپاڼه
warning ګواښ
warning message ګواښ استوزه
watermark اوبنښه
web ګورت
Web author ګورت ليكوال
Web browser ګورت لټونى
Web components ګورت رغتوكي
Web discussion ګورت وراشه
Web folder ګورت پوښۍ
Web Help ګورت مرسته
web media ګورت رسنۍ
Web Page ګورتپاڼه
Web Part ګورت برخه
Web publishing ګورت خپراوى
Web site ګورتځى
Web Tutorial ګورت ښووند
Weekday اونۍ ورځ
Weekly اونيز
Weight تول
Welcome screen هركلي پرده
What's New څه نوي؟
What's this? دا څه دي؟
wheel څرخ
Width پسور
wildcard ګڼنښه
window كړكۍ
window border كړكۍ پوله
window corner كړكۍ ګوټ
window size كړكۍ كچه
window title كړكۍ سرليك
Windows Explorer Windows لوڅاوو
Windows Setup Windows امسته
wizard اسانګر
Word ويى
Word Count ويى شمېر
word processing ويى بهيرونګ
word processor ويى بهيرګر
Word Wrap ويى نغښتون
WordArt WordArt
word-wrap ويى-نغښتل
work offline بې ليكى كار
workbook كاركتاب
workgroup كارډله
workgroup information file كارډلې خبرتيايي دوتنه
worksheet كارپاڼه
workspace كارتشه
workstation كاراډه
World Wide Web نړېوال غزېدلى جال
Wrap to window كړكۍ ته نغښتل
writable ليكوړ
write ليكل
write-only يواز-ليكنى
write-protected ليك-ژغورلى
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Pashto Computer Terminology (WWW)
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